Born out of the kitchen of two busy endurance athletes, the YogiTriathlete Cookbook will not leave you hungry, unsatisfied or broke. The repetition of ingredients used, also found on the book’s Plant-Based Basics shopping list, avoid having to buy that one unique spice that sits on your shelf until moving day. Complete with four chapters of guidance in relation to transitioning to a plant-based diet and mindful eating, every reader is assisted in reaching a higher level of knowledge and ability to thrive. Although written and created by athletes, the recipes in this book are for anyone looking to take their health and taste buds to the next level without breaking the bank. From easy meals to have on the run like the Chunky Monkey Morning Toast to the power-packed Iron Maiden entree and the mind-blowing Coconut Banana Bread with Cacao Hazelnut Frosting these recipes hit upon every need a plant-based human and athlete could desire. There is even a recipe for the aspiring plant-based pooches of the world. Jess and her husband BJ are minimalists and these recipes were created in a tiny kitchen with one saute pan, one saucepan, one knife and one high powered blender. Jess demystifies healthy, plant-based living in this 34-recipe, four chapter guide to high performance in sport and life.