Combining the simplest way of cooking with the simplest way of dieting, to create a healthy lifestyle that fits your modern life.

The problem with most diets is that they are completely and utterly unsustainable. You simply can’t commit yourself to never eating cake again, or to cabbage soup for the rest of your life, or to an hour of meal preparation every day. We go on our diet, then we stop when we lose the weight… and the weight comes right back!

The unique combination of Pressure Cooker and Weight Watchers Program makes for an ideal sustainable program. Your Pressure Cooker  makes cooking at home easy and fun, so you don’t have to sweat over a stove just to eat healthy. In fact, all the recipes in this book involve very little work at all. And Weight Watchers means you can eat pretty much anything you want, as long as you make sure you have Proper smart points for it.

Not only can you use this method to lose weight, but all you need to do is have your points allowance and you can use this method to keep your weight where you want it! Perfect!

This book is full of advice on following the Weight Watchers plan with your Pressure Cooker, Useful Tips of Using Pressure Cooker, and great, easy recipes that are fast to make and points-calculated, so all you need to do is cook.

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