Whether you are a new vegetarian who is wondering where to begin or someone seasoned to this way of eating, this comprehensive cookbook will give you fresh ideas that will keep you fed for years down the road. 

Forget trying to modify omnivorous recipes with ultra-processed alternative meat products; the recipes in this cookbook were tailored for you. With recipes centered around whole food plant-based staples, such as legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, this book can help whether your main goal is to completely omit meat or simply to incorporate more plants. You’ll learn the basics of constructing a fortifying vegetarian meal, as well as techniques to build flavor. 

This wide-ranging collection of 101 recipes includes everything from soups and salads, to grain and legume combinations, as well as egg dishes for those who choose to eat eggs. The recipes for beverages, snacks, and desserts provide the finishing touches to your meal. This book has you covered whether you are craving items like comforting and familiar vegetable noodle soup, or something more exotic, such as Swedish glogg.