The New Great American Baking Book from the chef and creator of Sprinkles Bakery and judge of Cupcake Wars

When chef and owner Candace Nelson opened America’s first cupcake-only bakery in 2005, people thought she was crazy. “What else do you sell,” they’d ask. But on opening day they sold out, and have pretty much every day since. Today, Candace has expanded to seventeen locations and isn’t planning on slowing down.

In this book, she hopes to share the recipes and stories that have been a part of her life and her customers’ lives. But it is more than just a cupcake cookbook: Candace will share 50 Sprinkles cupcake recipes in all their variations, from true classics to new flavors created exclusively for the book. There will also be 50 of Candace’s all-time favorite desserts with recipes for cakes, pies, quick breads, cookies, bars, and other all-American classics reflecting the chic, understated elegance that has become a Sprinkles signature.