Discover the diverse (and delicious) cuisines of South India.

Indian food is as complex, broad, and varied as the country itself―and it’s time to bring that expanse of flavors to your kitchen. Drawing on the rich traditions of South India, The Essential South Indian Cookbook will take your taste buds somewhere they’ve probably never been before.

The Essential South Indian Cookbook lets you explore the rarely-tasted regional cuisines of India’s southern states. Travel to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra as you sample delicious foods and learn how each of these areas contributed to the rich traditions of Indian dining.

The Essential South Indian Cookbook includes:

  • 75 South Indian recipes―Discover a mouthwatering variety of unique and flavorful dishes that include idli (savory rice cake), dosa (rice crepes), sambar (vegetable stew), chutneys, and more.
  • Taste the south―You’ll enjoy an Indian cookbook that examines the varied histories of South India’s states―and their contributions to the legacy of Indian food.
  • True Indian kitchen―Learn how to keep your flavors authentic in this Indian cookbook, filled with advice for selecting essential spices and must-have cookware.

Earn a new stamp on your culinary passport with the help of The Essential South Indian Cookbook.