College Cooking 101: Tasty, affordable meals made right on campus.

Being away from home in college doesn’t mean you have to be away from delicious, fresh cooking. The Easy College Cookbook will teach you how to make incredible meals wherever you live with clever recipes that use typical dormitory appliances, easy-to-find ingredients, and a few basic tools.

This college cookbook will help bypass the typical constraints of cooking on campus―whether that’s a tight budget, limited space, or just the fact that it’s not always easy to get to a real grocery store. The creative tricks and tips will make any dorm room the perfect place for a quick snack or a meal with friends. Let The Easy College Cookbook make study breaks way better with Greek Flatbread, Apple Nachos, and a Deep-Dish Microwave Cookie.

In this college cookbook you’ll find:

  • Gear up―A full list complete with campus hacks on how to best prepare a dorm room kitchen for cooking success.
  • Full course load―Absolutely more than enough recipes to get through the semester, finals and all.
  • Vegan? Carnivore? Done―Helpful hints, substitutions, and easy-to-read labels make this a college cookbook for nearly every dietary restriction.

Turn your campus digs into a gourmet kitchen with The Easy College Cookbook.