The Deplorable Gourmet is the cookbook that the Moronosphere has been waiting for. If you’re already a Moron, you know exactly what that means! If not, fear not, because this cookbook contains over 500 recipes submitted by people from all over the world who not only proudly identify as Morons, but are ready to welcome you into our world, and invite ourselves into your kitchen. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t know what to make for dinner for yourself? Or take to the family reunion, or office party? How about a nice little treat to celebrate the weekend? Out of ideas for breakfast? Thirsty? The Deplorable Gourmet is here to help! Featuring: – Seven chapters, from Appetizers to Desserts and everything in between! – All cooking levels, from help-I-can’t-open-this-can to let-me-whip-out-my-chef’s-toque! – Diversity! Multi-culturalism! Recipes from flyover country! And in some cases, political incorrectness mixed with a tad of salty language! And the best part – 100% of net proceeds are donated to charitable organizations. When the Horde sets its collective Hordemind to do something, we do it in spades. And when it comes to gustatory delights, The Deplorable Gourmet is our ace in the hole. Everyone needs a taste of the Horde!