Do you know what happens when science and human love for food and cooking come together? You’ll find the answer here. This unique book will help you to create many extraordinary momentsshared with your loved ones with you being a new kitchen hero.


What is the whole hype about? Sit comfortably and take a minute to read the following paragraphs through and your relation with food might not be the same anymore.


Early 70’s in France. French chef cook George Pralus creates a revolutionary cooking method called Sous Vide (It comes from the French expression for „in the vacuum“) preventing the losses of juice and flavor in the meet by using a special Ziploc bags submerged in water in a device maintaining temperature and heat circulation without any oscillations.  As a result, he got taste and texture outgrowing both his expectations and the classic frying methods.

Originally, very extravagant, luxurious invention has been consistently gaining popularity in the recent years becoming cheap and accessible for everyone. Cooking in Sous Vide is a perfect example of a scientific cooking method.

In the book, you will find 75 varied ingenious recipes starting from breakfast through lunch and dessert to dinner. Sous Vide adjusted recipes allow you to discover a new world of dishes in your homely kingdom. The book consists of couple of sections such as:

    • Beef
    • Poultry
    • Fish & and sea food
    • Weight loss
    • Appetizers
    • Desserts

Aside from ingredients and directions each recipe contains estimated preparation & cooking time, nutritional value broken down into proteins, carbs and fats and a number of servings.

On the top of that you will find an instruction how to use your Sous Vide device properly along with a vast cooking chart encompassing the majority of common ingredients, time it takes to prepare it and the temperature to cook it at.

Eating has always been a foundation of cultivating human relations regardless of the epoch and culture. It has never been solely an act of fulfilling a bodily need but a deeply integrating process. Can you imagine the ones you really love joining you at the table celebrating each other’s company with a meal being a pure delight and a benefit for your body?  


Actually… you don’t have to imagine it, order the book today for as little as X and enjoy invaluable satisfaction of making yourself and others a happier, healthier person.