Tonijean Kulpinski is on her God-given mission to help transform the health of this nation and world with the truth revealed in nature’s medicine. As a follow-up to her bestselling book, “Stop Battling Disease & Start Building Wellness,” Tonijean wrote this cookbook for you to gain insight on how to build your health using both knowledge and wisdom to create delicious, natural recipes passed down from her Italian family’s roots.

In this cookbook, you will:

•Learn How to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget
•Realize That Earth Produces the Most Well-Needed Medicine
•Get Tools to Eat Healthy When Dining Out and While on Vacation
•Discover Why Drinking Water When You First Wake Up Is Vital to Your Health
•Receive an Abundance of Delicious Recipes to Transform Your Health Inside and Out

“Tonijean’s God-given passion to heal shines through in every recipe of ‘Stop Battling Disease & Start Building Wellness: The Cookbook.’”
—Laura L. Thompson, Bestselling Author of “In the Butterfly Kingdom, There Is Love”

“This cookbook taught me exactly how to remove the cause of disease and how to fuel my mind, body, and spirit that led me to the cure in such a delicious way.”
— David Brandt, client whose Crohn’s disease was cured under Tonijean’s care

“As an advocate for preparing and sharing wholesome foods, this delightful cookbook fills the very important need for humanity’s path to nutritional wellness. In ‘Stop Battling Disease & Start Building Wellness: The Cookbook,’ Tonijean’s work, life, passion, and spirituality come alive in these absolutely delicious recipes!”
— Cameron Cushing, Professional Health Coach, Self-Empowerment Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor

“Tonijean Kulpinski is one of the best health experts on the planet. Her knowledge is superb, and the results she gets with her clients speak for themselves. Feed your body what nature intended through this cookbook’s amazing recipes. This book is a treasure, and will absolutely bless you!”
— Lisa Buldo, Victorious Life Mentor, Certified Health Coach, Author, Speaker, and TV Host

“’Stop Battling Disease & Start Building Wellness: The Cookbook’ teaches you how to maximize your body’s ability to heal yourself through each recipe. Tonijean’s guidance has put me on a new direction with my own health and I look forward to bringing wellness from within.”
— Soave Martinez, International Recording Artist

Tonijean Kulpinski, CBHC, BCHP, AADP, is a Certified Biblical Health Coach and a Board-Certified Holistic Drugless Practitioner. She bases her teachings and recipes on raw, whole, organic superfood nutrition. She is the owner of Heaven on Earth Healing Center, Inc., where she dedicates her private practice to educating patients on how to stop battling disease and start building wellness. Tonijean lives with her husband of twenty-five years, Vladimir; her beautiful daughter, Michaela; and her loving golden retriever, Peanut.