Spiralizer Cookbook Series book #1

This book contains important tips on spiralizing; an easy and creative method of turning fruits and vegetables into beautiful noodles, pasta, ribbons, and curls. The spiralizing technique will help you create more vegetable-focused meals in just a fraction of the time.

Included in this book are the following:

  • The basics of spiralizing fruits and vegetables
  • The benefits of using a spiralizer
  • Popular dishes that can be spiralized
  • 60 delicious and healthy spiralizer recipes

The spiralizer is an ideal kitchen appliance that can make different kinds of vegetable noodles or more commonly known as zoodles in just few short minutes. You can use this kitchen tool to create delectable dishes and snacks. There are 60 spiralizer recipes in this book that will teach you on how to make nutrient-dense dishes!

No more countless hours of chopping, slicing, and/or dicing of vegetables just to get that even cut. With a kitchen spiralizer, all you have to do is mount your desired blade and fruit or veggie ingredient in a spiralizer, turn the handle clockwise, and wait for your zoodles to come out. These strands are then ready to be mixed into pasta dishes, salads, soups, and other meals you never knew you can make.

This book also contains the basics about the spiralizing process such as a step-by-step process on using a spiralizer, the benefits of having one in the kitchen, and the different kinds of spiralizer-friendly recipes to prepare for your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and start making your own delicious spiralizer meals!