Spiralizer Cookbook

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Not everyone is a big fan of vegetables. The major issue with them is difficulties in prepping or chopping the vegetables. Or some people find them not so appealing. So here comes a spiral vegetable slicer or a spiralizer that makes it far easier to beautifully spiralize your vegetables making them easier to slice and appealing to eyes.

There are many brands of spiralizers in the market to choose from. Each comes with its own functions and usability. It’s a lightweight kitchen tool with three major parts; collection bowl, middle part that contains the blades and the top lid with a handle attached. All these parts are made up of plastic except the blades. Mainly there are two types of spiralizers; handheld and countertop. Further, they come with different number of blades. Handheld are easy on budget but heavy on elbow grease whereas countertop are easier and quicker to use but a little bit pricier. The choice is yours.

This book consists of 365 recipes that use vegetable noodles or ribbons. To make it more interesting the book offers different combinations of vegetables with meat, seafood and poultry. You will also find plentiful recipes of soups and salads.

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