Special Appliances Box Set (6 in 1)

Book One: One-Pot Dump Dinners: Low Carb Soups, Dinners and Healthy Desserts for Your Dutch Oven with No-Mess and No-Stress

Inside you will find a wealth of Dutch oven recipes that incorporate low carbohydrate counts including:

• Dutch oven beef stew

• Dutch oven sourdough bread

• Dutch oven breakfast skillet

• Dutch oven lemon herb chuck roast

• Dutch oven peach cobbler

Book Two: Low Fat Soups and Stews: 45 Quick and Easy Low Fat and Low Carb Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker, Crockpot, Blender

Inside You Will Learn:

• Different ways to cook soups

• Tips for making the best soups

• How to use different appliances

• Low-carb and low-fat soup recipes for blenders

• Tasty soups and stews for the pressure cooker

• Favorite Crockpot soups and stews

• And so much more

Book Three: Low Carb Italian Pasta: Best Pasta Recipes Made Healthy and Delicious, Low Carb, Vegan, Gluten Free

Inside You Will:

• Learn how to make Italian pasta dishes that are healthy and easy.

• Be encouraged to experiment and try out different kinds of pastas to make all their Italian or any type of pasta recipes or dishes.

• Find out how to tailor fit recipes based on their diet lifestyles or preferences.

• Get to know different substitutions in terms of ingredients in order to recreate some of the recipes featured in this book.

• And so much more

Book Four: 3-Ingredient Cookbook: Over 50 Easy, Healthy and Sumptuous Recipes You Can Make with 3 Main Ingredients

Inside You Will Learn:

• Learn how to make or cook starters, appetizers and snack recipes using 3 main ingredients.

• Get to try out mains and entrees that do not make use of weird or even expensive ingredients.

• Learn how to whip up desserts using just 3 ingredients.

• Realize the most delicious of dishes or meals can be made using basic or really simple ingredients that people may already have in their pantries or kitchen cupboards.

• Reasons why the 3-ingredient cooking hack or shortcut works

• And so much more

Book Five: Instant Pot Pressure Cooker: 40 Healthy Low Carb Electric Pressure Cooker Meals to Lose Weight and Save Time

Inside You Will Learn:

• What an instant pot pressure cooker is

• How to use your instant pot pressure cooker

• Tips for using your new instant pot pressure cooker

• Low carb breakfast recipes

• Recipes for your favorite side dishes

• Award-winning desserts

• Main dishes that are sure to please

• And Much More

Book Six: Pressure Cooker for Beginners: Cookbook for Busy People with Quick, Simple & Delicious Recipes

Inside You Will Learn:

• How to find the right pressure cooker.

• Tips and tricks for maintaining your pressure cooker.

• Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

• And some troubleshooting tips at the end as a bonus.