Tapas are more than just appetizers. They are way of eating and a way of living. Nothing could be better having some spicy tapas with a glass of wine in the evening while chatting with your friends.

Tapas are easy to cook using simple ingredients and fun to eat and share.

Tapas are perfect for • Party, • Picnic • Snack • Branch • Dinner • Lunch There are no strict rules for making tapas – you can mix chicken, meat, vegetables and fish. Just let your imagination rule! We made this book for the home use, not restaurants, because tapas are for eating at home with your friends. You will find tapas with eggs for breakfast, tapas with vegetables for light and healthy lunch and, of course, tapas with meat for a tasty dinner! Inside you will find tapas with different ingredients as: • Seafood • Eggs • Rice • Meat • Vegetables • Cheese • Mashrooms

Get your copy and have fun!