Sous Vide is a unique technology, for many years, was available only for the restaurant business. Now, this miracle machine can easily fit in your kitchen and delight you with gorgeous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The sous vide has a lot of advantages:

  • Easy preparation of food
  • The taste of cooked food
  • Cooking schedule

The preparing food with the help of the sous vide is easy and cheap. Everything you need is to follow the simple steps of cooking and set the right temperature and time.

The sous vide the machine is a new invention for the kitchen that can help you to reach the perfect taste, texture, and gorgeous aroma of the cooked dish without taking efforts.

  • lunch,
  • breakfast,
  • main dishes,
  • side dishes
  • fish and seafood,
  • poultry,
  • snacks and appetizers,
  • meat,
  • vegetable meals,

Also you will find:

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  • Prep time, cooking time, list of ingredients accompanies each recipe
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