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Looking to take up the Renal diet lifestyle and want to enjoy suitable recipes…

Unique in its kind, “The renal diet” is a book that has more than 50 delicious traditional recipes from various countries, adapted to be enjoyed by people with pre-dialysis kidney problems and their families.

Also, it has a food plan and all the tricks and information that the renal patient needs to enjoy delicious meals while improving and maintaining their health.

Here’s a tiny fraction of what you’re going to discover in this new healthy world:

  • Chronic kidney disease  
  • Causes chronic kidney disease  
  • Effect of a contrast agent on the kidneys  
  • Nutrition guide for kidney patients (renal diet)   
  • Diet in chronic kidney disease
  • Common causes of CKD in children and adults  
  • Management of the child and illness  
  • Renal diet recipes   
  • Recommendations For Patients With Renal Failure   
  • Diet To Be Applied In Chronic Kidney Patients 

This special guide will show you how you can enjoy your diet lifestyle and meals at the same time!

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