Quick Bread Cookbook includes lots of fresh ideas.

  • Original recipes of savory breads with herbs, cheese and your favourite veggies. Savory breads.
  • are the perfect addition to a bowl of hot soup, chilli or your favourite dip.
  • Sweet pastry recipes with raisins, nuts, berries and fruit. Sweet breads will be a special treat for children and every dessert person.
  • Classic home bread recipes for everyday cooking. Make perfect sandwiches or French onion soup with a slice of fresh baked bread and you’ll get high praise.
  • You don’t need a special occasion to have a little home-party! Get ready to make the easiest quick breads and amaze your family and friends with gorgeous fragrant bread! IT’S UNIQUE CHANCE TO IMPROVE YOUR COOKING SKILLS AND THE PERFECT START TO PLEASANTLY SURPRISE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS WITH A DELICIOUS HOMEMADE PASTRY.