Ketosis Cookbook for Everyday

75+ Delicious Main Course Recipes for Ketogenic Diet

Tired of fasting and trying different methods to lose weight? After trying so many methods, you still didn’t have any progress in weight loss? Why don’t you try Ketogenic Diet! You are already trying Ketogenic diet but you get bored with the same ingredients every day? This cookbook will give you various options!

You can find in this book:

  • 75+ Low Carb, High Fat, Ketogenic Recipes for Main Course
  • Recipes are completed with essential information such as cook time, serving info and full nutrition
  • Sorted by categories: Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Vegetable
  • Examples includes: Guacamole Beef Burger, Lazy Pork Butt with Creamy Sauce, Oven-Grilled Asian Style Chicken, Salmon “Sushi”, Vegetarian Coconut Curry, etc
    • It is an easy guideline for you to stay in Ketosis in daily busy routine. It is not only about staying in Ketosis to lose weight, but also about enjoys cooking tasty food at home for yourself and your family. You can also easily pick a recipe from this cookbook to impress your guests. Get this book now and enjoy over 75+ recipes suitable for Ketogenic Diet at home. Let’s stay in Ketosis!