Find Over 250 Healthy and Delicious Ketogenic Diet Recipes With These THREE Best-selling Cookbooks!
Are you looking for a book that has EVERYTHING you need to start on a Ketogenic Diet? Imagine having THREE of the best Ketogenic Diet books all in one….

Best-selling author Jeremy Stone will show you how you can make some of the best Ketogenic meals with these three extensive cookbooks. Based on his extensive knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet and his passion for sharing the very best information with readers, Stone reveals his hard-won secrets to making delicious Ketogenic recipes quickly and easily.

In Book 1: Shortcut to Ketosis – Lose Weight, Feel Great – A Beginners Guide to Over 100 of The Best Ketogenic Recipes With Pictures, you will learn:

  • Over 100 Delicious Recipes with Full Nutritional Breakdowns
  • Over 50 Full Color Pictures To Inspire You
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
  • Awesome Shortcuts To Help You Lose Weight Quick
  • Cooking And Preparation Times To Find The Quickest And Easiest Recipes

In Book 2: The Essential Ketogenic Meal Prep Guide, you will get:

  • How to cook over 50 Ketogenic meals designed specifically for meal prepping
  • How to create a simple framework to meal prep easily
  • How to save an hour every day through meal prepping
  • How to easy ensure you’re eating ketogenic foods
  • How to shop smart and save money by buying the best groceries
  • How spices are key to a successful meal prep
  • How to store meals so that they stay fresher for longer
  • How these two common kitchen tools can save you hours
  • How to pack salads and vegetables to maximize freshness
  • BONUS: 12 Meal Prep Hacks

In Book 3: Fat Bombs 100 Irresistible Sweet & Savory Snacks, you’ll learn:

  • Over 100 Ketogenic Recipes For Dessert Bars, Fudge, Candies, Pudding, Cookies, Cakes, Smoothies and More!
  • Macro and Micro Nutritional Information For Each Recipe
  • Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions
  • An Overview of the Ketogenic Diet
  • The Real Benefits of Fat Bombs

Don’t miss out on this great value; get everything you need in one book and get your copy today!