Kristie Sullivan has lived through the same struggles that many keto dieters face. After years of a carb-centric lifestyle, she switched to a low-carb, high-fat diet and lost more than 180 pounds. She’s experienced firsthand the difficulties of adopting a new diet that runs counter to just about every piece of conventional diet and nutrition advice ever issued. In this book, Kristie shares her experience of successfully adapting the keto diet into a traditional non-keto family lifestyle.

The first section of Journey to Health explains the science of the ketogenic diet: what the body goes through while transitioning into ketosis, how ketosis can make a person feel, and how to adjust the diet to meet an individual’s unique needs. After helping readers dial in their personal physical reactions to keto, the second section details the lifestyle changes that occur when people travel the path toward ketogenic health and wellness; for example, what happens when temptation strikes, how to stay on track with the diet while friends and family are eating tons of carbs, and how to stay focused in the face of difficulties.

The final section of the book lays out Kristie’s best tips for meal planning, shopping, and budgeting that have helped her achieve and maintain success on keto. Even with the best intentions, the keto diet can be challenging to follow without workable tools for planning ahead and staying focused. Journey to Health not only details Kristie’s inspiring journey, but also helps readers learn from her experience and walk that path for themselves.