Easily Prepare & Cook Delicious, Healthy and Simple Meals With Your IP!

Want Delicious and Simple Recipes You Can Prepare Quickly?

If so, “IP: IP 100+ Delicious, Healthy And Easy Electrical Pressure Cooker Recipes” by Rachael Deen is THE book for you!

The IP is an exceptional cooking tool that saves time, energy and makes preparing delicious and nutritious meals very simple. This cookbook will serve as your guide to creating 100+ tasty dishes using this amazing piece of technology- The IP.

The recipes contained in this book are designed to satisfy the tastes of every individual and to give you the variety that your body and taste buds need! Covering everything from breakfast recipes, amazing lunch recipes, dinner and dessert recipes. As well as including a few bonus Vegetarian and Vegan recipes!

Here Is What You Will Find…

  • IP General Tips
  • How To Properly Prepare Food
  • How To Time Your Food Right
  • Maintaining Your IP
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Bonus Vegetarian Recipes!
  • Bonus Vegan Recipes!
  • And much more!

So Order this guide now and learn beautiful new recipes that you and your guests will love!

See you inside!