At last, the Best In-depth Recipes Book for your Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker! “With 400 Foolproof, Healthy, Tasty, and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes Designed to reduce your cooking time by up to 70%” Did you know the time spent on food preparation and cooking is an indicator of your diet quality and healthy eating? Studies have shown: “Greater amount of time spent on food preparation was associated with indicators of higher diet quality, including significantly more frequent intake of vegetables, salads, fruits, and fruit juices. Spending less than 1 hour/day on food preparation was associated with significantly more money spent on food away from home and more frequent use of fast food restaurants compared to those who spent more time on food preparation.” But why do most people spend less time in the kitchen? One answer is because of the limited time available for cooking. Working parents earning low wages find it difficult to devote considerable time to food preparation and cooking. The need for convenience is another reason; many nutritious and healthy meals are costly and time-intensive to prepare. But you can overcome these barriers… The Instant Pot technology allows you to prepare and cook healthier meals while saving up to 70 percent of the time it takes to make the same meal using regular cookers. Even though your instant pot pressure cooker will not give you a list of instant pot recipes to cook and how to cook them, this book will. With this comprehensive and step-by-step guide on instant pot recipes, you will learn and discover 400 healthy and delicious Instant Pot dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. No course is left behind. So ….

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