Have you gotten tired of spending so much time to cook for every meal?

Do you find it a hassle to use so many cooking applicances such as rice cooker, oven microwave, slow cooker to make meals?

Would you feel more satisfied if you could spend less time, less hassle and yet could prepare a healthy meal for your family?

If you answered yes to any of above questions, Instant Pot will be a savior solution for you. It is a competent 14 cookers in one which is capable of replacing most of your cooking appliance.

Everything that you could ever imagine cooking are included in the book, from crab cakes to vanilla cakes, spicy vegetables to peach jams. With 200 over recipes, you can definitely utilise your Instant Pot on daily basis with satisfaction.

This cookbook provides you with detailed sections that explain exactly what you can cook with your instant pot in each of the categories. This is something that makes it easy to find something to chow down on before hunger comes.

Follow along to learn what’s possible to be cooked in Instant Pot. This cookbook contains recipes for adventurous eaters, picky eaters, dessert-only eaters, big meal preppers and even vegetarians.

With over 200 delicious recipes packed in this book, you will have endless fun discovering the following:

  • Low Maintenance: How to use your pressure cooker effectively and efficiently
  • Wide Variety of Meals: Over 200 recipes ranging from chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, desserts
  • Clear Preparation Guide: Prep time, pressure level and cooking time included in all recipes
  • Make Your Own Creative Recipes: How to convert your existing recipes and recreate your own instant pot recipes

Do not wait further. Get your copy of this amazing Instant Pot Cookbook now and start cooking right away!