Instant Pot Cookbook

       Irresistible Recipes For Your Electric Pressure Cooker
     The Best And Easy To Make Recipes For Your Instant Pot

Instant Pot does its best to create the pressure cookers that are really safe, reliable, and convenient. Instant Pot has surely made the cooking techniques faster & more convenient these days. It cooks almost everything. The combination of pressure & steam can make even the toughest food luscious and tender. Thus, Instant Pot helps to boost the digestibility of your food.Instant Pot is a single piece of equipment that does the work of seven special kitchen tools/appliances and is indeed a multi-cooker that performs the job of an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, browning/sauté pan, slow cooker, yogurt maker & warming the pot.The pressure & temperature is closely monitored by the built-in microprocessor monitors, it also adjusts the duration & heating intensity according to the quantity of food & liquid you have. With the help of an Instant Pot, you can reduce the cooking time by 70%.If you talk about preserving the nutrition values that too with tastes then the Instant Pot Smart cooking functions do the most excellent job for you. You don’t really need to put a huge amount of water when you are steaming the food with Instant Pot.In the subsequent of this book, I would be sharing the most delicious & mouth watering Instant Pot recipes that you must try for you and your loved ones. I am sure you would fall in love with them and would make them again and again.

In this book you will find the best:

Meat recipes
Fish & SeaFood recipes
Vegetable recipes
Soups & Stews recipes
Sauces & Snacks recipes
Breakfast recipes
Desserts recipes!