A no BS CookBook with easy-to-get-ingredients and one-pot approach!

Instant Pot CookBook For Two is a beginner-intermediate level cookbook designed specially for a family of two. If you have just purchased an Instant Pot or have already bought it a while ago but want to try something new and exciting, this book’s for you. For a beginner, using an IP might be confusing, as you have to deal with so many levels of settings and configurations. Keeping this in mind, this cookbook is crafted with simple and detailed descriptions for pressure time, pressure release time, pressure level, and heat level. Each of these configs is listed before each recipe. 12+ Fiber-Rich Grains & Beans 12 + Healthy Soups & Stews 15+ Exquisite Seafood & Poultry 15+ Wholesome Pork, Beef & Lamb 10+ Heart Melting Desserts 10+ Easy Morning Breakfasts 12+ Roots & Vegetables