Conquer the Instant Pot with 550 Quick and Easy Recipes!

This Complete 550 Instant Pot Recipe Cookbook includes effortless and delicious to make recipes, for unforgettable experience and yummy meals!

Cooking at home, reducing significantly what you spend on eating out and getting the family around the table has never been easier? Or perhaps you don’t have time and energy to cook after a long exhausting day? It’s happened to me as well. And the kid are always hungry. That’s why I’m here to help, because I know how it feels. Yes, you heard me right! You just came to the right place! Let’s regain the good old home cooking!

What this book is all about:

  • 550 Effortless and Yummy Recipes for your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
  • Nutritional Facts on all recipes which makes it easier to follow your macros
  • Common and Tasty Ingredients for no-fuss meals
  • Big variety of recipes for any taste to surprise your friends and guests
  • Easy-to-follow steps to make cooking sound like a child’s play – funny and carefree

Making great cooking choices has never been easier! Get a copy of this Complete Instant Pot cookbook with 550 selected recipes for smart and busy people!