Now that you have that Instant Pot, what’s next?

For most people, getting a new kitchen gadget is an amazing feeling and most people want to quickly try out whatever kind of meal they can prepare in their new gadget. However, over time, you may lack any new recipes to try out, then store away your new kitchen gadget. Thanks to this book though, you do not have to put away your instant pot.

This book has plenty of instant pot recipes that you can try out in your instant pot. In addition, these recipes are quite healthy since they are very low in carbohydrates and can greatly help you lose weight. With over 40 recipes, you are certain to have a new meal to try out every day for the next couple of months.

We’ve Got You Covered.

In this book, we cover the most common things that anyone will cook in his/her kitchen:

– Delicious Breakfast

– Healthy Lunch

– Pleasant Dinner

– Yes, You name it!! Your Tasty Snacks & Sweets

And much more!!

All the recipes are both Ketogenic & Paleo Diet friendly, and can be done using your Instant Pot Or Your electric pressure cooker.

Buy It Now & Get ready to take your Cooking Skills to the Next Level..