Enjoy 555 Easy and Most Delicious, Foolproof, Hand-Picked Instant Pot Recipes. 

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Instant Pot is a modern-day panacea for all your cooking struggles. This all-in-one kitchen appliance takes care of your needs for nutrient-rich wholesome meals along with saving your precious time. With automated cooking, multiple cooking functions, and technologically-advanced features, there is nothing more one can ask from this amazing kitchen gadget. It is easy to operate, convenient to use cooking settings and effortless to clean.

The book aims at delivering a special collection of the Top 555 Instant Pot recipes to prepare in almost no time and maintain your optimum health.

This book covers the following recipes:

  • Breakfast

  • Beans & Grains

  • Side dishes

  • Soups & stews

  • Beef, lamb & pork

  • Chicken & poultry

  • Fish & seafood

  • Vegetarian

  • Stocks & sauces

  • Desserts

I sincerely hope that the versatile recipes covered in the book will help you make heavenly delicious breakfasts, soups, stews, desserts, and more at the comfort of your home. The recipes are easy to follow and suit both the beginners as well as expert cooks.

Instant Pot offers great flexibility, when it comes to preparing a wide variety of meals. You can also experiment with the recipes by adding your favorite ingredients and create your own customized dishes.

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