Have you given up on making healthy meals at home because they take so long and have so many fancy ingredients? It’s time to reclaim control with The Instant Pot Cookbook 5 Ingredients or Less!

With 100 Quick, Easy, and Amazingly Tasty Instant Pot Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Pressure Cooker Meals, this cookbook will change your views on what healthy cooking can be like. If your experience has been to believe that healthy cooking is something for rich celebrities with hours of free time, it’s understandable that you’re discouraged and resigned to never quite reaching your health goals. However, the electric pressure cooker model known as the Instant Pot is here to transform how you cook everything from breakfast to side dishes to dessert. The book begins with a useful introduction to everything pressure cooker, including its centuries-long history and newest incarnations, which have automatic cooking programs and tons of safety features. Even if you’ve never seen an electric pressure cooker in person, it’s very easy to get a handle on. This book provides everything you’ll need to know, like what each cooking program does, what “releasing pressure” means, and how to clean the cooker. The Instant Pot won’t explode, like pressure cookers of old, and it’s as safe to use as your trusty slow cooker. It’s just way faster, as in, something that takes 4 hours in the slow cooker now takes only 24 minutes! The book will walk you through the steps on how to convert your favorite slow cookers to the Instant Pot. Speed isn’t the only great thing about the Instant Pot. It can make extremely nutritious meals using just 5 ingredients, including seasonings and water. There aren’t any ingredients you’ve never heard of, and any ingredient that isn’t guaranteed to be in everyone’s pantry is described thoroughly. Who knew that healthy food could be so simple? This book contains recipes like:

  • Cheesy egg bakes Cream-of-mushroom cheddar chicken Blueberry-coconut pork roast Beef ribs Pasta with meat sauce Salmon and broccoli Carrots w/ bacon and butter Stone-ground grits Potato soup Peach cobbler
  • Each recipe includes nutritional info and a full breakdown on how long each step of the process takes. There’s also a chapter exclusively on vegan food, since the Instant Pot is especially popular with vegans and vegetarians alike. Whether that describes you, or you are more of a carnivore, you’ll find lots of recipes in this book that could become your new go-to!