The Only Cookbook for Your Instant Pot that You’ll Ever Need!

✓ 150 Recipes
✓ 10 Categories to suit everyone
✓ Photos for each category

Whether you have just purchased your pressure cooker or you have been using it for years, this recipe collection is ready to be your steady kitchen companion. To make pressure cooking super-easy, every recipe contains the ingredient list, detailed step-by-step instruction, the number of servings, and cooking time. In addition, each and every recipe includes the nutritional information so you will be able to track your intake and consumption. You will find a lot of useful information such as creative serving ideas, food facts and kitchen tips from the best chefs, ingredient substitute ideas, and so on.

We have got 150 recipes ahead that will make your pressure cooking experience more enjoyable! The recipes are grouped into 10 different categories so everyone can reap the benefits:
• Vegetables and Side Dishes
• Turkey
• Beef
Fish and Seafood
• Vegan
Snacks and Appetizers
• Beans and Grains

Later, you will be able to adjust cooking times and measurements to fit your preferences and you won’t be afraid to experiment with these recipes. The charts inside describe specific time adjustments you should follow when cooking in your Instant Pot.