Instant pot is a programmable electric pressure cooker with much extra functionality. It is a multifunctional programmable kitchen appliance. It does the work of 7 appliances, including

  • a pressure cooker,
  • a slow cooker,
  • a steamer,
  • a porridge maker or rice cooker,
  • a yogurt maker
  • a saute pan, and
  • a keep-warm pot

The benefits of an Instant Pot:

  • Convenience: 8 functional keys of instant pot come handy for most common cooking tasks. With a delay timer (of up to 24 hrs), it reduces cooking time by as much as 70%.
  • Preserves nutrition value with taste: Instant Pot’s smart pressure cooking functions preserve the nutrition in the foods and also bring out the natural taste of foods. As food is cooked in a completely sealed environment, aroma and nutrients stay in food instead of being scattered around.
  • Energy efficiency: It saves as much as 70% of energy in comparison to other appliances(like steamer, oven etc.) as food cooks quickly under high temperature with less energy consumption.
  • Pleasant and clean cooking experience: With multi-function Instant Pot, cooking experience will become so pleasant and clean. The messy kitchen space and suffocation in kitchen will become an unmemorable experience of past.
  • Safety: 9 fool-proof safety protections ensure safety and protection.

Under the cover you’ll find:

  • Only the best, time-tested recipes for everyday meals.
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides
  • Healthy snacks and desserts
  • Meat, fish & vegetarian recipes
  • Prep and cooking time for each recipe
  • All the recipes are written in easy to follow steps

Grab your copy, start cooking with instant pot and save your energy and your money!