Have you undergone surgery for a weight problem?

Do you now need help to find a suitable diet that still provides all the nutrition you need?

With the Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: Healthy and Delicious Recipes for you to Enjoy After Weight Loss Surgery you get a complete overview of what it means to have undergone surgery such as this and the limitations it will place on your diet.

More than just a simple cookbook, packed with delicious recipes, this book also gives you:

  • The facts about gastric sleeve surgery and what it means for you
  • What the gastric sleeve diet is
  • A list of FAQs
  • The types of food to eat and those to avoid
  • The different stages of such a diet
  • And much more…

It takes time to recover from a major operation such as this and that’s where this book is literally a life-saver.

By following the advice and strategies inside, you will quickly go from clear liquids through to eating regular food quickly and smoothly, helping you to maintain a healthy weight while enjoying food once more.

Get your copy of the Gastric Sleeve Cookbook now. It’s much more than just a cookbook.