While attending college, you most likely have a limited budget for food. That’s why one of the reasons many students do try to go back to their parents’ house on weekend: to do laundry but also to fill up on groceries and homemade meals. Sometimes, it’s not always possible, if the college is located in a different state or if the final exams are approaching. But, entering the young adulthood involves many new challenges and responsibilities, and starting to cook for yourself is one of them any student should be proud to embrace.

Perhaps your parents have thought you how to cook basic meals, such as pasta, omelets, pancakes and casseroles. In that case, this College Cookbook will be a nice addition to your existing knowledge. However, if you have not gotten the chance to experience being the cook in the kitchen before, now it’s time. We have gathered some easy and tasty recipes in the book especially for young adults who have little time and little experience. We understand your budget is limited but remember it is much more expensive to eat out every day, so it is a smart idea to start preparing your own meals.