A must-have cookbook for health-conscious couples and busy professionals.

The ketogenic diet (Keto Diet) is a perfect way not just losing the weight but also to keep your body in shape. There are many benefits of this diet such as

  • Normalizing of the hunger
  • Controlling the blood pressure
  • Stabilizing the cholesterol level
  • Solving the acne problem

In this cookbook we combined Ketogenic recipes with the best way of cooking – Air Frying!

Delightful and easy recipes from this cookbook do not need special ingredients and will make your dinner, lunch, breakfast, and even snack very tasty.

You can be sure that air fryer and the recipes of this book will change your mind about food and diets!

With this cookbook you will:

  • Discover 250 easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks and desserts
  • Become a healthier and happier person by eating healthy food
  • Save your time and energy cleaning –Air Fryer can be simply cleaned with the cloth and dish soap

Get your copy! If you try it ones – you will fall in love with it!