Can you use only one tool to impress everyone with unique flavors and textures? Can you cook some of the best dishes in a new and very attractive way?

You just need one simple tool – an air fryer.

• You will discover something totally new and impressive. • You will learn that you can cook all the favorite foods in a much healthier way. • You will use less oil and fat and be able to cook the dishes in no time. • All the dishes will be completely cooked on the inside and on the outside. You can forget about the oven, the stove, and deep fryer. An air fryer will roast, steam, bake and grill all of the food for you and the family. Everything is done much faster and tastes delicious. It’s as simple as that. It’s efficient, effective, and easy. In this book we gathered only the best 530 recipes for Air Fryer for: • Breakfast • Lunch • Sides • Desserts • Meat • Poultry • Seafood • Snacks It’s time to make a change in the way you cook. It’s time for an air fryer and amazing dishes.

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